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Theatrical Performance by 8th Graders FES Jubilee

Jakarta, LINK—On 15th November 2019, FE-S held a theatrical performance by 8th grader with a title "Unleash Your Hidden Talent" in Cinema Room, Jubilee School. The event started from 8.00 am-11.30 am. Parents were also invited to enjoy the performances too. The judges were Mr Martin Smith, an actor and a playwright, and Mr Jason O'Donell, an actor and senior native speaker in Jubilee School.

Students were divided into 9 groups where they performed their well-written scripts. Mr Aloysius and Ms Yunita as the MC introduced the group's as "The Great ChenHan", "I Don't Know (IDK)", "Is that true Cindy?", "Yuri", "The Clowns", "Organic Kidz", "The Chillers", "Sapnupuas", and "Wongawong". They brought up different styles of stories on stage. Some of them were about camping nightmares, horror, bullying, and kidnapping. Mr Kiran Gandhi, as the principal of FE-S Jubilee School, stated in his opening speech, "This event will be one of the chances to see the hidden talent of our students, especially in acting and expressing themselves on stage."

"The Clowns" was chosen as the 1st winner while "The Chillers" was places as the 2nd winner. The categories for the performances were based on voice & expression, characterization, staging & movement (blocking), cooperation, preparation, and organisation. (Michele/JMC)

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