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Jubilee Media Center (JMC)

The Jubilee School Media Center’s main mission is to become a professional media, which provides services in the concerted effort to enrich the quality of national education and to become the pillar which formulated the persona of Jubilee School as a center of excellence.


JMC serves to record and document all major and minor events occurring at school, such as graduations, charity events, celebrations, learning activities and many more. The center is equipped with all the necessary recording and editing equipments and is run by a team of qualified personnel with suitable journalistic and multi-media backgrounds.


The media center is also responsible for creating graphic design and publishing monthly newsletters [the Link Newsletter], the special edition newsletters, and Jubilee School’s press release for particular events. In addition, reports of school events published in Jubilee Apps. and any social media are also coordinated by JMC.

JMC has various regular programs:

  1. The Jubilee School Writing Workshop, conducted yearly to support the school’s professional development program, in which teachers and staff of Jubilee School may join and receive professional trainings in media, journalistic and scientific writing for publication purposes.

  2. Give support to Jubilee School’s students who participate in photography and video competitions. 

  3. The Jubilee School Journalism Club with members consisted of students from SD, SMP and SMA. We also conduct journalism classes in the school’s extra-curricular activities for those students interested in journalism and publication.

  4. Conduct photography classes in the school’s extra-curricular activities for those students interested in photography and video.

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