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Welcome to Jubilee School

Jubilee School, founded by the charitable foundation 'Yayasan Citra Bangsa Mulia', is an SPK (Satuan Pendidikan Kerja sama) school that aims to provide the youth of Indonesia with high quality national education on par with international standards. The name "Jubilee" which means "success and celebration" has become comparable to a high quality, sensibly priced education within the country.​

Our school motto is "Harmony in Diversity", which is deeply inspired by the motto of our country Indonesia Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. We believe unequivocally that there is strength in unity. We want to instill the national values and spirit of unity as implanted by the founding fathers of this country into the hearts and minds of the future generations.

In Jubilee School, we thrive to set a tone for respect, honesty, tolerance and kindness for all students. ​The school provides students with attractive facilities and an educational curriculum which focuses on personal responsibility and independent thinking.

Our teachers serve as role models for students and will provide examples of good character everyday in the classroom. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.

Our status as SPK means we are an eligible partner to international curriculum providers, namely Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Pearson Qualifications, as well as to Indonesia's Ministry of Education.


All of our students will appear on Ujian Nasional at the end of grade 6, 9, and 12. We also offer the following certifications: 

  • Pearson LCCI JETSET English at grade 3, 4, and 5

  • Pearson Edexcel Primary Checkpoint at grade 6

  • CIE Checkpoint at grade 8

  • CIE IGCSE at grade 9 & 10

  • CIE AS and A Levels at grade 11 & 12

Vision Statement

To establish a national school on par with international standards, which is oriented towards multiculturalism, which seeks to build the spirit of entrepreneurship and an understanding of the environment and technology founded upon principles of character building.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide an education which develops individuals who are independent and possess national character with an international insight.

  2. To provide educational facilities and infrastructure of an international standard.

  3. To provide an education and/or culture to develop an atmosphere of tolerance leading to peace and the establishment of justice.

  4. To create a culture of entrepreneurship through a process of learning and experience.

  5. To provide an education this creates an awareness and caring attitude towards the environment.

  6. To integrate the educational process with community service by means of technological advances.

  7. To cultivate noble character and strong personality through learning and life as the basis for the formation of a whole person.


Mars Jubilee

(Composer: Robinson Pasaribu)

​​Perguruan Jubilee pilihanku

Tempat menuntut berbagai ilmu

Perguruan yang mendidik putra putri bangsanya

Untuk Ibu Pertiwi

Perguruan Jubilee bersatu

Dengan semangat Empat Lima

Perguruan yang membangun bakat-bakat terpadu

Untuk Indonesia Jaya

Maju terus membangun bangsaku

Semangatmu pantang menyerah

Ciptakan bangsa yang maju mandiri

Demi cita-cita sejati

Perguruan Jubilee pilihanku

Kau tetap pujaan bangsaku

Tak akan kulupakan 

Sampai s'lama-lamanya.

Jayalah selama-lamanya!

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