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Jubilee Tuitions and Examinations Center (JTEC)

JTEC is a supporting unit in Jubilee School which is responsible for providing tuition and coaching to students outside regular school timings. However, these tuitions do not apply to preparation of the national board exams. In addition this unit supervises the implementation of the ESOL examinations at Jubilee School.



JTEC provides tuition programs for Jubilee School students who need academic assistance in any level of study. A staff of experienced teachers is employed to assist small groups of students who meet two times a week throughout the semester. Tuition sessions are held Monday through Thursday after school hours and are conducted in a classroom setting. Sessions are process-oriented, learner-centered, and require the active involvement of each student.


JTEC Tuition Programs provide the discipline; consistency, and continuity students need to keep up with their school work. Tuition sessions can help increase a student's overall understanding of subject matter and enhance student performance depending upon the time, energy, and effort the individual student commits to the learning process.



JTEC is also responsible for the implementation of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Examinations in Jubilee School. ESOL examinations are one of the many assessments offered by University of Cambridge and can be taken by anyone whose first language is not English. In our effort to bring the students' English Language skills closer to international standards, Jubilee School is incorporating ESOL Examinations into the school program by making them compulsory for students of selected classes.


ESOL examinations cover all four language skills which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. ESOL offers great programs for all age groups and Jubilee School provides these exams for primary students up to high school students.

The examinations are divided into the following categories:

  1. YLE (Young Learners English):

  • Starters for Grade 3

  • Movers for Grade 4

  • Flyers for Grade 5

  1. Preliminary for Schools in grade 8

  2. First for Schools in grade 11

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