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FE-S Held a Cafetaria Programme

Jakarta, LINK—On September 5, 2018, FE-S Student Council members along with other FE-S students conducted a cafeteria programme for students from grade 7-12 in FE-S and units to collect money for their upcoming big events. The event was held during recess time at 9:30-10:15 am and 12:15-12:45 pm at 6th floor corridor.

During the first recess, the students served various food and beverages like nasi ulam, soto ayam, bakwan, ice creams, iced strawberry tea, chocolate float, risoles and pastel. While during recess two, they served fried rice, nasi kuning, martabak telor, ice creams, lemon tea and milo oreo.

The students at each stall had their own creative ways to persuade the students to buy their food packages. Some FE-S Student Council members even enthusiastically sold their food packages by moving around school campus and persuading students, parents, and teachers to buy their food packages.

“The main purpose of this event is to collect money to later use to hold their one final project to conclude their term at the end of the year. An event like this is planned and executed solely by FE-S Student Council. An example would be the last Talent Show,” explained Aldrich William, the head of FE-S Student Council 2018-2019. (Elfrida/JMC)

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