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Full English Primary Charity Math Bazaar

Jakarta, LINK—Our unit held its annual event on November 3, 2017. This bazaar was aimed to improve both students practical knowledge and their empathy towards others. The bazaar was held on the second floor in Jubilee School during recess time.

The items sold varied from traditional to modern foods and drinks. Items were sold at reasonable prices to fit students pocket money. All items were displayed in our recess hall neatly by the students.They even put stickers on them to attract junior students.

The money raised by this bazaar was for the charity. This made them more excited to sell.

After the event was done, the students counted both their capital and profit. All of the profit and some of the money from the capital was given to Yayasan Anyo Indonesia, a house for kids with cancer disease. (Dewi/Mamta/JMC)

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