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Farewell Gathering Full English Secondary Grade 10

Cibogo, LINK—On 17-18 November 2017 Full English Secondary held a Farewell Gathering to mark the end of the teaching-learning processes in IGCSE Cambridge Curricula of grade 10 in Jubilee School. The event which took place in Cibogo Camp, Puncak, Bogor brought up the theme ‘Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.’ Mr Sai Kiran Gandhi (the Principal of FE-S), Ms Fitria (the supervisor of FE-S), Mr Yohannes Guritno (the Coordinator of Students Character Development), grade 10 class teachers (Ms Widya Hantini, Mr Aloysius Sangki, and Mr Dwi Joko Kristanto) and all beloved teachers and staff of FE-S were present to support the students.

The students were served with freshly fried bananas upon their arrival. After that, the students were divided into seven groups whereby each had to name their group with their favourite food or drink. The groups were Sate Tai Chan, Sarimi, Es Campur, Tahu Gejrot, Indomie, Bakpao, and Puyonghai. To add some fun, each group had to make an entertaining jingle that pointed out the group’s unique character.

To start off the activities, all of the students along with the teachers had a photo session. The students were actively and enthusiastically involved in the ‘Ice Breaking’ games which were led by Mr Aloysius Sangki and Mr Raysa Ali Akbar. The students enjoyed playing ‘Pancoran-Lampu Merah-Dansa-Komidi Putar and Bolak Balik’.

After the scrumptious lunch laid out for all to eat, the activities proceeded. The games gave a rush of adrenaline and were challenging. The games varied from ‘Sungai Berbuaya, Pass the Ball, Fill up the Water, Mouse Trap, Bulldozer, Benang Kusut to Gegana’ which took great efforts and team spirit to complete the games. However, due to heavy rain, the ‘Follow the Leader’ and ‘Water War’ were replaced with ‘Eat Bulaga’ which was conducted in the main hall.

The most interesting part of the event was the ‘Talent Show’ performances of grade 10 students. Each group showed outstanding performances. Ms Fitria, Ms Widya Hantini, and Ms Michelle Thomas were the jury members. This talent show was hosted by Mr Raysa Ali Akbar and Mr Nico Fernando who engaged with the audience and kept the agenda flowing as smoothly as possible. Each group had its own unique performance.

Sate Tai Chan performed a drama titled ‘Dalam Kelas’, Sarimi with ‘Bullying is not good, Friendship is better’, and Es Campur with ‘Harus Baik Kepada Orang Tua’. It was followed by Tahu Gejrot who performed a drama called ‘Pembunuhan oleh Monster’, Indomie with ‘Talent Show Contest’, Bakpao with ‘Cinta Segitiga’, and Puyonghai with ‘Cinderella Masa Kini’.

Mr Kiran passed on the ‘light of wisdom’ to all the students of grade 10 that all the students should be confident and know their strengths and weaknesses. They have to choose the right major that suits their potential and strive for success. He hoped that the students would always strengthen their friendships and remember those remarkable memories in Full English Secondary Jubilee School. He emphasized that one chapter in life had been successfully completed yet the harder one is about to come.

What happened next was the sentimental part of the gathering which was also the peak of the event. The reflection moment was hosted by Ms Yunita Tresnawati. Her deep, thoughtful words about friendship made the students emotional. Students reminisced about their fun-filled days and memorable moments in Full English Secondary Jubilee School for the past four years. All of the students shed tears feeling sad to bid farewell to their friends and teachers.

Teachers Appreciation was another memorable moment. Andrew Laurie Bustaman and Sofia Zahrah Ahmad Arsal were the hosts. They successfully entertained the audience as they mentioned each teacher’s unique characteristics. All the audience burst into laughter. In the end the students gave the FE-S team a small token of appreciation from them to remember by.

The next morning all the students had their breakfast and were ready with their backpack to head back to Jubilee school. (Elfrida/Ab/JMC)

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